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Paparoa Teeny Tiny Lifestyle Section

I am selling a 172 sqm section in Paparoa. Yes, 172 sqm – it is not a typo! It is set among farmland and is north-facing and elevated for all-day sun. It is a beautiful section – quiet, flat and sunny with easy access and lovely rural views. There are peacocks on one side and cows on the other. I was looking forward to retiring here but a change in circumstances means it is time to pass it on.

Only 1.5 hours from Auckland, it is a 2-minute drive to Paparoa village. Paparoa is shaping up to be the next Matakana with a weekly market and fantastic coffee. It’s a lovely village with friendly people. And a 10-minute drive south is Pahi Beach where you can safely swim, fish or launch your boat for a day out on the Kaipara Harbour. If you have a desperate craving for KFC, it is 45 minutes to Dargaville (west) or Whangarei (north). See for more info about the village.

Is it perfect? Pretty much! It is very quiet and north facing so it is perfect for the off-grid solar lifestyle. I am reluctant to sell because it really is heaven but I have another opportunity that means I have to choose.

This property was on the market in October but the sale, unfortunately, fell over. I had offers in the $50 – $60k range so am happy to look at all offers around there.

Property Details

Location 3130 Paparoa-Oakleigh Road, Paparoa
Valuation No. 0117008402
Legal Description ALLOT 222 PAPAROA PSH
Certificate of Title NA56A/189
Property Area (hectares) 0.0172
Rates 2023/24 $1,181.42

Being rural this site has no services. My plan was to move a tiny house on wheels onto the site and then set up off-grid using the Tiny Home Solar kit ($6000), water tanks and a fancy composting toilet ($1950). There is cell phone coverage and the Spark website says unlimited wireless 4G broadband (including a home phone) is available for $45/month. Note: because of zoning and boundaries, you cannot build a permanent dwelling on this site.


This video starts at the letterbox, looking down Paparoa-Oakleigh Road towards Paparoa.


Yes, you can view but please respect the neighbours and do not go onto their property. It is rural and there is stock so you can’t just open the gates and go through. There is no need to go anywhere near the neighbours as the land is just off the main road at the beginning of the driveway. Do not let dogs out of your vehicle and please be courteous.


The property was surveyed earlier in 2022 by one of the neighbours. These photos show the placement of the pegs. In the aerial photo and map, the location is approximate. There is fencing on the south (25.75m) and east sides (14.38m)of the property but no fence on the north side (33.72m). There is a double farm gate on the east side. It is currently padlocked and I do not have keys. The purchaser will need to remove the lock and get a new one.


  • I didn’t receive the report so cannot guarantee anything, but it does line up with the map on the title so I have no reason to believe it is incorrect.
  • PEG 2 has recently been removed – the photo of PEG 2 is from about a month ago but is absent in the video I took when I visited on 12 November 2022.


When I bought the property it was covered in rubbish from the previous occupant (see photos below). Recently I discovered that, without my knowledge, the section had been cleared with the rubbish being burned and buried on the land. As you can see below it was mostly personal items, books, bottles etc. There were no chemicals or anything noxious that I saw on the property. I don’t know what happened to the caravans – they may have been burnt as well or removed prior to the fire. I have checked with the Kaipara District Council who have no concerns from their point of view but they advised me to speak to the Northern Regional Council.

The NRC Environmental Officer advised that technically it would be considered contaminated because of the fire because some chemicals could have been released in that process e.g. if there was treated timber. However, she said that there are no legal issues as it is. The only time it would become a problem is if you wanted to change the land use under the RMA; for example, to subdivide or to build a house. As the land is zoned rural and is too small to be subdivided or for a permanent structure to be built, a change of land use would not be granted anyway. However, should you wish to fully remediate the land, the local earthmoving contractor said he could dig out the area and put in clean fill for about $10K.